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Al Ahli Holding Group is a multi-diversified international conglomerate with over four decades of successfully dealing with business activities such as real estate, turnkey construction, engineering and infrastructure, retail and trading, technology and logistics, lifestyle and fitness, entertainment, hospitality and innovative developments.

Al Ahli Holding group, is one of the UAE’s pioneers in adapting Information Technology. Our current aim is the implementation of a unified workflow to record, store, and automate all subsidiary transaction information and data, while also incorporaring a unified IT process in the design, development, manufacturing construction and finance fields.

This transformation, demanded the creation of the IT division to handle and provision all the operations (daily support, monitoring and implementation) desired with IT.

In 2012, the CEO sought the importance of centralization and demanded that all IT-related operations, procurements, and projects to be handled by one IT division. This resulted in the creation of Rethink Technologies in mid-2013 to serve as the AAHG Group’s technological and technical representation in the market.

Rethink Technologies (RTT) started with a focus in servicing only AAHG’s subsidiary companies, with a goal to gain all the required experience to compete in UAE’s market, and later in the region.

RTT is currently a partner for major players in the region, such as SAP, Microsoft, Alcatel Lucent, Dell-EMC, Cisco, and more. We are planning to grow our partnership to have more key players and suppliers in the region.

RTT’s highly qualified tier 1 engineers provide a seamless and swift, yet in-depth troubleshooting and customer support experience for desktop applications, operating systems, mobile devices, tablets, and connectivity.

Additionally, RTT has its tier 2 engineers, who provide more technical support to tier 1 engineers, as well as testing, evaluating and implementing latest technologies, aiming to simplify the daily and strategic tasks and project for customers.

The provided services demand the availability of powerful backend engineers to implement infrastructure requirements. The transformation and adaptation of virtual datacenters, combined with continuous monitoring, provide smooth and powerful continuity to business.

The digital development division of RTT is responsible for all development projects, whether in house or outsourced. This division handles website development and consists of an experienced team for e-commerce linking, transformation and advanced mobile development.


The need for talented engineers, who can provide customers with superior service & support, is a must to be perceived as an IT leader in a technologies service market.

Investment in employee retention, cultivating respect and loyalty, making RTT a desirable place to work.

Providing simple, innovative and affordable E-solutions that bring value to our clients.

Reducing office supply cost, delivering a wide variety of services and improving customer satisfaction by providing them with beneficial facilities and support.

Partnering with the best minds around the world to learn, explore and co-create solutions which tap into the potential in grassroots innovation. This brings entrepreneurial fervor, intellectual rigor and discipline from the business world into a societal context, in the name of social innovation.

Making our company more successful in the IT Industry by increasing productivity and profits by 15% annually, while providing a sustainable innovation in IT solutions market. This will ensure us a solid and increasing market share in UAE & MENA.

Looking to expand the technical capabilities and market offerings by seeking out new technology in the consumer and enterprise spaces.

RTT is on a never-ending mission to unify our global family through better and more uniform application of technology, process and infrastructure. Our family is spread out across the globe, and we need to communicate and operate across borders in real time.

Our operational capabilities must keep us communicating while working toward greater efficiency and more effective tools and systems. Unity across the spectrum of markets we service is crucial to our continued success and expansion. Unity through technology is our prime directive.

RTT goal is to work in a SMART and sustainable atmosphere, by building truly powerful data science team that can harness large data sets and make meaningful contributions to the future endeavors of our family, and of course creating a network of clientele in our region and deliver digital solutions across desktop, web, mobile and all digital devices in between, by developing lasting and beneficial relationships with our clients.

We also want to bring all of the cutting edge breakthroughs in science and technology to the forefront of our endeavors. Whether it’s more efficient delivery methods for concrete, improving global metrics and KPI’s.

Data gives us that insight and competitive advantage especially in the global market across all the verticals we service that our competition is not capable of. Only through understanding our current endeavors and the demands of our consumers and markets we can improve and continue to succeed.

Vice President and Management Message

We as rethink serve over 40 subsidiaries of AL AHLI group worldwide cover Asia, America, and Middle-East regions.

We provide complete IT services, starting from infrastructure datacenters, digital development projects, Smart city, home automation, office automation, ERP and CRM system deployment’s and developments, IT support and consultant, Business process integration and work flow and many others IT related services.

Our focus is to provide the best quality IT services for the subsidiary companies. Additionally, we’ve also started to provide service to external IT -related projects such as Smart city consultant services and development of web sites.

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