Creative Design

User experience Design (UI/UX)

Communication Design

Corporate Branding

Advertising & Publication

Promotion Design

Social Media Marketing Design

Marketing Design

Corporate Design

Logo Design / Corporate Identity

Corporate Branding

Event Branding

Infographics Design

Corporate Presentation Design

Information Architecture

Motion Comic & Graphic

Creating Story – story idea for the animation.

Illustration or Concept Art – Rough concept and storyboard

Animation – Animation of elements and camera movement

3D sound mixing- Adding the suitable sound that matches animation

Interactivity – Letting the user control the story flow

Mobile Application Development – developing mobile apps to fit animation files.

Publishing – allowing users to install the app on phones and tablets.

Virtual Reality & 360

360 Degree Video Production – Shooting video of environment with a 360-degree view.

360 Degree Animation – using the 3D environment with complete rendered animation for user to choose the direction.

Virtual Tour – Taking the user to experience an environment in various locations.

3D visualization with Virtual Tour – 3D view of an environment for user to access various locations.

Google Business View Photography – Detailed 360-degree photography of a business place.

VR motion Comics – Providing the user to read comic panels in VR.

Visualization 2D -3D

Storyboard - Creating a visual interpretation of a story.

BG Layout and BG Painting - Enhancing Storyboard panels with details with layout and painting.

Concept Art - Rough concepts of props and characters to suit the story and style.

Character Design - Simplifying the characters using concepts ready for animation.

Explainer videos – Creating animation video explaining an idea.

Flash banners - commercial flash banners for websites with animation.

Traditional and Flash 2D animation - Traditional frame by frame/ Flash animation.

2D Animation Compositing - Compiling animation with backgrounds and music.

Info Graphics - Limited graphic animation videos explaining an idea.

Motion Graphics – Adding animation for a graphic design artwork.

Visual effects - Adding Visual Effects to animation or a graphic artwork.

Video and Audio Editing – Creating videos and matching the audio with the visual flow.

Interactive Presentation - user interactive presentation of ideas.

Commercial film making – Creating commercial animation video.

3D modeling and Animation – Modeling and animating simple sets of environment.

3D visualization and Architectural walkthrough - Modeling of sets using architectural plans with a video showing details.

Digital Publication

Digital Magazines Design

Animated Magazines development

3D scanning and Photography

3D Product Photography and Modeling - Modeling an object in the software using an existing object through photography

Product Turnaround Photography - complete Turnaround of objects using photography

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