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RTT Technologies is a global consulting firm, focused at designing, delivering and deploying the finest ideas and SAP expertise to empower companies in achieving new heights of excellence in today’s challenging business landscape.
RTT strives to be a trusted advisor to clients and fosters long-term working relationships by exceeding customer expectations.
RTT Technologies has established a SAP Cloud Infrastructure which is a fully managed, secure cloud that offers elasticity and flexibility making it easy to access for our clients. It’s ideal for mission-critical applications such as SAP Business Suite, SAP Net Weaver Business Warehouse and custom SAP HANA applications and enables our customers to gain the speed and flexibility to keep pace with today’s demanding business dynamics. Additionally, RTT has partnered with leading hardware providers for SAP to offer the flexibility and best of breed features as preferred by our clients.

Application Managed Service

Data Center
Providing the primary and secondary datacenter in cloud
Monitoring the primary and secondary data center in cloud
Accessibility of services and systems
First Level of support (Help Desk) - supporting the final users
Ensuring the efficiency and the accessibility of the SAP systems on RTT Cloud till the point of
Hardware Platform
Providing the Hardware platform in RTT Cloud DC
Monitoring of the hardware in the RTT Cloud DC
Reporting hardware issues to platform manufacturers for the Hardware in RTT Cloud DC
Overseeing of maintenance repairs carried out by the hardware platform manufacturers for
the Hardware in RTT Cloud DC
Installation of antivirus software and patterns updates
Providing licenses for SAP software for the required number of final users
Providing the licenses for Database software (HANA/Sybase)
Providing licenses for operating systems software in the RTT Cloud DC
Providing the licenses for backup software in the RTT Cloud DC
Installation of the SAP System
OS installation and configuration on the Hardware in RTT Cloud DC
Database installation (HANA & Sybase) and configurations in the RTT Cloud DC
Installation of the SAP Application on RTT Cloud
Installation & configuration of the Backup software in RTT Cloud
Installation and configuration of the Virtualization Software in RTT Cloud

Network Management Services

Application Management Services
Activation of the monitoring the SAP systems with use of SAP Solution Manager
Analysis of reports generated within the SAP Solution Manager
Analyze SAP system log and fix failures included in scope of services
monitor SAP processes
Monitor update processes within SAP software
Analyze update terminations
Clean up update terminations
Monitor lock entries
Analyze lock entries
Clean up lock entries
Schedule, check and monitor standard SAP basis system batch jobs
Administer SAP Logon Groups
Ensure proper logon procedures for Logon Groups
Maintain SAP system profile parameters
Troubleshooting TMS
Assist customer in optimizing SQL statements (indexes, selects etc.) for application improvements
Upgrade SAP kernel, as required
Application of SAP OSS notes, to fix bugs and functional issues
Performance and Tuning/EWA
Optimize SAP system (system tuning)
Monitor Disk capacity
Monitor Server capacity
Monitor Network utilization
Provide trend analysis as input to capacity forecasting
Execute change requests as required for hardware upgrades, additions etc.
Develop capacity plan based on changed requirements (Users, New Apps. etc.)
Monitor critical transactions
Application Security Management
Create new users
User profile, masterdata, and password maintenance
Add/Change/Delete/Lock/Unlock usermaster records
Maintain activity groups
Unlock users in SAP system
Reset passwords
Checking authorizations
Define overall security plan & profile requirements
Develop and maintain custom profiles
Support client audit requirements around security profiles
Regular access checks
User, roles and permissions management for technical users
User, roles and permissions management for non-technical users
System Startup/Shutdown
Perform scheduled startup/shutdown of hardware and OS
Perform scheduled startup/shutdown of OS, for SAP software
Restart the hardware/OS after failure
SAP Client Operations
Create, Copy, Delete Client in a system
Perform client export/import between SAP Software instances
Maintain instance/client configuration documentation
Inform the project team of scheduled system maintenance
Inform the operations team of project schedules
Preparations, checks
Executing and monitoring the copy process
Postprocessing tasks
Test of basis functionality
Job Scheduling
Define business requirements governing batch schedule
Define job dependencies
Schedule, check and monitor standard SAP system batch jobs
Schedule, check, troubleshoot and maintain application batch jobs
Monitor, restart of application batch jobs
Patches & upgrades
Application tier - OSS notes and patches to the technical components
Application Tier- Bug fixes authorized by SAP
DB tier- Patches and Bug fixes as per SAP's recommendations
OS tier - OS kernel upgrade
Backup S/W - Firmware , software upgrade and patches
OSS Management
Create/modify/delete OSS user
Assign authorizations
Request developer keys for admin purposes (e. g. implementation of patches)
Request and manage object keys
Change Control
Transfer and release of transport orders
Carry out transports
Check transport protocols
Transports in Release management (planning and execution)
Plan/implement regularly scheduled change requests
Apply SAP Notes to SAP Hosted Software system (non Basis)
Apply SAP Notes to SAP Hosted Software system (Basis)
Language Imports
Address technical transport problems
Apply recommended SAP Support Packages
Apply recommended SAP Enhancement Packages
Adjustment of Repository Objects
Test and acceptance of object changes
Import of Kernel Patches

Database Managed Services

Basis Managed Services -Database Management (SAP HANA)
Monitor database resource consumption (memory, CPU, storage) to detect issues in technical operations
Monitor table growth to proactively prevent operational issues and make sure, that the service stays within the contractual sizing boundaries
Monitor database for technical issues; analyze and resolve technical database failures
Cleanup HANA log and trace files (traces, statistic files etc.) to free up capacity and keep HANA system clean and healthy
Cleanup HANA log and trace files (traces, statistic files etc.) to free up capacity and keep HANA system clean and healthy
Start/stop database
Management of standby databases (HANA System Replication) for high availability
Update HANA database software and client; installing new SAP HANA revisions into the System
Identify, analyze and optimize expensive SQL-statements to improve application performance
System troubleshooting, e. g. blocked transactions, to overcome issues and bring SAP HANA back to normal state of operations
Perform database backups (regular full backups and log backups)
Restore and recover SAP HANA after technical issues
Basis Managed Services -Database Management(Non HANA)
Monitor database resource consumption (memory, CPU, storage) to detect issues in technical Operations
Monitor table extension parameters to avoid issues
Monitor database for technical issues; analyze and resolve technical database failures
Schedule periodic statistical database collectors to generate statistical performance data
Reorganize database logs to free up space
Maintain/change database parameters
Start/stop database
Create and check optimizer statistics to maintain database performance
Apply database patches and revisions
Perform database backups (regular database and log backups)
Restore and recover database after technical issues
Perform table/tablespace/database reorganizations to free up capacity and optimize database Usage

OS Managed Service

Operating System Services in RTT Cloud
OS performance configuration
Create and maintain OS users as necessary
OS monitoring, analysis of OS logs
Undertaking effective corrections concerning the incidents reordering the OS logs
Work with vendor to resolve operating system issues
Managing the system and administrative users OS accounts
Apply patches to the operating system
OS kernel updates
Perform operating system upgrades
Backup and recovery Services in RTT Cloud
Setup Backup policies , as per the agreed Backup SLA
Backup Configuration and scheduling
Backup monitoring
Backup logs management and review
Restore files from backup
Restore complete file system or incremental filesystem backup as needed after system failures
Notify users that restoration has been completed
Disaster Recovery (optional)
Implement disaster recovery setup
monitoring of data replication to secondary site
Develop and maintain disaster recovery procedures for those areas and aspects of the service which are in customer responsibility (customer infrastructure, connectivity to RTT Cloud, interfaces, organizational measures and processes etc.)
Execution of productive failover in case of an officially declared disaster
Incident Management – Call Center Support
Qualification and prioritization of the incidents
Route incidents appropriately
Operate Call Center receiving incidents 24x7x365
Initiate incident resolution - prioritize, assign resources
Coordinate request approval with appropriate functions
Track incident resolution progress
Escalate incidents as required per documented procedures and criteria
Determine incident resolution or work-around solution
Notify Customer of resolution and confirm satisfactory resolution
Sign off solution and confirm incident

OB Managed Service (Network Management Services)

Network Management
Managing the resources, configuration and security of the local computer network of the customer
Managing the resources, configuration and security of the local computer network of RTT Cloud
Managing the resources, configuration and security of the WAN of the customer
Routers, L3 and L2 switches configuration and management in the RTT Cloud DC
IPsec Tunnel (RTT Cloud Demarcation Point) configuration and Management
Bandwidth Capacity monitoring and management

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